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Home Garage Lift purchase considerations
2019-06-24 18:11:03

The two-column Home Garage Lift is the main equipment for lifting up items for a job. There are many brands and types in the market, and the quality is different. If we do not choose a quality double-column lift, it will cause the raised items to be abnormal and damaged. So, what are the aspects to pay attention to when purchasing?

Home Garage Lift

1. Look at the trajectory of the double column lift

Since it is a lift and a double-column lift, it must be intact on the trajectory of lifting. Only in this way can we ensure that the items being lifted have better safety effects. Of course, if there is a situation of deviation from the trajectory, or if there is a blockage in the track, and the situation is not smooth, the item that is lifted up will certainly have problems, even if it is damaged. Therefore, the track is intact and the key to quality.

2. See the degree of stability

If the double-column Home Garage Lift you choose is not stable, or if they are very solid in terms of stability, then they are most likely to fall for items that are lifted, or It is a phenomenon of falling. In this way, not only the failure of the lift, but also the entire item will be damaged and unusable, especially the car that is lifted up.

3. Compare the main components

After the main structure is selected, the main components between the lifts of the same main structure should be compared. The main components of the lift are:

Column: Compare the section size of the column, the thickness of the steel plate, and the height dimension.

Lifting mechanism: compare the size of the section, the strength of the stiffness, the range and flexibility of the rotation and expansion.

Hydraulic station: The hydraulic station provides working power to the lift and is one of the most important parts of the Home Garage Lift.

4. Comparison of security

Security can be divided into active security and passive security. Active safety refers to the safety and reliability of the lift's own work, such as whether the structure of the lift is reasonable and the strength and stiffness of each component are sufficient. Passive safety refers to the protection of personal and equipment in case of loss of active safety, such as whether there is mechanical safety insurance mechanism, hydraulic self-locking protection, mechanical limit protection, power failure protection and other devices.

5. Comparison of appearance quality

It can compare whether the design is beautiful, the workmanship is fine, the quality of the weld, and the surface treatment. It should be noted here that the surface treatment of the lift is now available in both spray and spray. The spray treatment method is far superior to the spray treatment, and its durability and stability are very good. In addition to paying attention to the appearance quality, the paint-treated product should also pay attention to whether the surface of the metal underlayer is pretreated by phosphating.

6. Compare service conditions

Therefore, when purchasing the double-column Home Garage Lift in the market, we need to combine their trajectories, tracks, and their stability to choose, main components, safety, appearance quality, service, etc. We can guarantee the safety and quality of this double-column lift.

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