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What are the portable Quick Lift security measures?
2019-04-12 17:53:08

Portable Quick Lift

1. Overload protection measures: The hydraulic station is equipped with a safety valve relief valve. When the relief pressure is adjusted to the pressure at the maximum load, if the overflow valve is opened and the relief valve will open, the elevator will not rise; only after the partial load is removed, the relief valve will close and the Portable Quick Lift will rise; This can effectively avoid damage to the main structure and main components of the Quick Jack Portable Lift Price due to overloading. If the cargo is stuck with the hoistway due to operational errors during the ascent, the relief valve will automatically open to prevent damage to the Portable Quick Lift Car Lift and main components caused by operational errors, and to protect the safe use of the Quick Lift.


2. Emergency measures for power failure: The hydraulic station is equipped with a manual unloading valve. When the power is suddenly cut off, the unloading valve can be opened by hand to make the main table surface fall from the middle position to the ground.


3. Door linkage function: Only when the main table is lifted to which level, the door of this layer can be opened; if the main table is not at this level, the door of the modified layer will not open. This will prevent accidents caused by people entering the Portable Quick Lift Car Lift.

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