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    Chrysler Mini Portable Quick Lift

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Before using the Chrysler Mini Portable Quick Lift, you must complete a complete inspection of the hydraulic and electrical systems to see no leakage or exposure. Includes links and fasteners throughout to ensure safety during use. In addition, Movable Car Lift has been strictly examined and debugged at the factory. If necessary, professionals can be deployed for debugging. Non-professionals are not allowed to adjust the pressure regulating valve at will. The next step is to turn on the power, start the motor, and lift it for no-load. Check that the hydraulic system is normal and use it under load.

Chrysler Mini Portable Quick Lift

Chrysler Portable Car Quick Lift must work according to the specified load capacity, and it can not be overloaded, otherwise it will cause deformation or damage of the equipment, and it will endanger the safety of personnel. During the ascent or descent of the lifting platform, no one should shake or walk.

The center of gravity of the load should be maintained at the center of the table to ensure the balance of the cargo. The movable valve at both ends of the protective railing must be closed and locked to work.

Chrysler Mini Portable Quick Lift should be extended when operating, until there is a black and red color intersection, try to get the support area, adjust the height of the leg, should keep the platform level, if not measured, take the walking wheel to leave The ground shall prevail, if not enough, but use the sleepers to be flat. Secondly, in the course of operation, if abnormal noise occurs, stop the mechanical operation immediately and carefully check to avoid damage to the goods and personal injury. After the operation is finished, the platform should be lowered, the power supply should be cut off, the feet should be closed, and the platform should be pushed to the original position.



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