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    One Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

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Features of One Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift:

Hydraulic oil consumption 8L---saving energy consumption

The bottom of the vehicle is open space - efficient and convenient

Built-in lock or explosion-proof valve - stable

The main unit is underground, and the arm is flush with the ground---saving store space

Anti-corrosion and waterproof treatment of the surface of the mainframe and the arm---indoor and outdoor, flexible installation

External electro-hydraulic control system---slow and stable lifting, falling position, easy maintenance

Vertical movement of the cylinder, using brand seals - good sealing performance and long service life

Lifting column and cylinder piston rod are made of alloy steel and hard chrome plated surface - solid and durable

One Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

One Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift operation note:

1. Check all tubing connections to ensure that they do not leak before starting work.

2. Cannot be used if there is a problem with the safety device.

3. Check if the center of gravity of the lifted vehicle is in the center of the lifting platform. If not, adjust the center of gravity and lift it.

4. During the lifting process, the operator and other relevant personnel should stand in the safe area.

5. When the platform is lifted to the required height, the operator should turn off the power when leaving the control cabinet to avoid misuse by other personnel.

6. Make sure the safety lock is locked in place before working under the car. One Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift must ensure that no one is under the car before lifting.



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